Hydroentangling – one of our core competencies

Entanglement by means of high-pressure water jets is by far the fastest technology for web bonding. Our solutions ensure efficient bonding of light and heavy webs made of natural fibres, synthetic fibres or spunbonds. During the process, the web can additionally be structured and/or perforated. The AquaJet is characterised by its ease of maintenance and user-friendliness, as well as extremely high product availability.

The AquaJet – on the market since 1996

The machine is a modular system that is suitable for a broad range of processes and end products. In addition to the central bonding unit with two spunlace drums, the modular system encompasses three compaction systems and four dewatering systems. If the requirements concerning line speed or web weight change, the basic units can be exchanged.

For special applications (e.g. a working width of 5 meters or processing of wet laid webs), the AquaJet can be freely configured. The number and position of the jet heads can be selected and positioned specifically for a certain product or the respective material requirements.


The system is tailored to the needs of institutes and companies that conduct research and development or serve niche markets. It is characterised by lower costs for transport, assembly and commissioning, thanks to its modular design. The MiniJet can be excellently combined with Trützschler flat cards to manufacture high-quality cotton wipes.

Typical end uses
  • Dry wipes for body personal hygiene and household tasks
  • Wet wipes for baby care and hygiene, as well as moist toilet tissues
  • Cotton pads
  • Products for female hygiene
  • Wound dressings and plasters
  • Backing for synthetic leather
  • Filter fleece (for example for hot-gas filtration)
  • Automotive textiles
25 years of proven worth: the AquaJet TWB-AJ for light to heavy webs
The MiniJet TWB-MJ with smaller working width and lower production speed