Our technology center? Your customer center!

At Truetzschler Nonwovens' NCTC - our Nonwovens Customer and Technology Center -  in Egelsbach, your ideas become reality: here you can test your fiber material, design new end products or put our machines through their paces.

A team of experienced experts develops the optimum manufacturing process with you.

Facts and figures

5,300 square meters are dedicated for most various trials concerning:

  • carded/hydroentangled nonwovens
  • crosslapped/hydroentangled nonwovens
  • wet-laid/hydroentangled nonwovens
  • carded-pulp (hydroentangled) nonwovens
  • through-air bonded nonwovens

The two lines feature more than 25 multi-functional line configurations and thus offer a maximum of flexibility and decision-making reliability. 

NCTC is equipped with laboratory and testing capabilities. Moreover, it featurs a showroom with hundreds of nonwoven materials.

Line 1 - Inline configuration with 2 cards

Working width: 1,000 mm
Fibers: PET, PP, viscose, lyocell, cotton as well as other fibers and blends
Web forming: NCT high-speed card, NCA airlay card, wet-laid webs
Web bonding 1: hydroentangling with the AquaJet
Web bonding 2: through-air bonding with Omega-Thermobonder
End products: light to heavy weight webs

Line 2 - card/crosslapper configuration

Working width: 3,800 mm
Fibers: PET, PP, viscose, lyocell as well as other fibers and blends
Web forming 1: NC multi-purpose card
Web forming 2: CLH crosslapper and WD web drafter
Web bonding: hydroentangling with the AquaJet
End products: medium to heavy weight nonwovens for mostly technical applications

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Easily accessible

The NCTC is located in Egelsbach. Only 15 kilometers away from Frankfurt/Main airport, it is easily accessible both nationally and internationally.